You can't pour from an empty cup which is why a healthy and happy you is our number one priority.  We want to help you create a vision and work towards your goals at a pace that fits your lifestyle.




Erin and Brent are two people you need to have in your life!! Their story is so inspiring...learning about all they've been through together and then seeing how they've come out on the other side with so much grace, gratitude, and such a huge heart for giving...they are the very definition of a "power couple" (#GOALS)! If you're looking for a coaching team that will support you 110% on your health/wellness journey, look no further. You couldn't ask for two better people to have on your side through this crazy adventure we call life.

Kelly Jackson


Brent and Erin are a force of nature. They have an infectious and authentic spirit that has created a strong community of people who support each other on our pathway to greater health in all aspects of our lives. I have benefited from their focus on maintaining a positive mindset with their ability to always be available with practical advice.

Rebecca Kaufman


Brent and Erin have been more than someone to look up to for inspiration and advice, they have become great friends.

Dave Maliar